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2200 Magnolia Avenue South (also known as the Family Service Laundry building) is a two-story brick building on the northeast corner of 22nd Street and Magnolia Avenue South (Block 745), at the east end of Magnolia Park. It is currently being redeveloped for offices.

The building sits on the site of the former Birmingham Fire Station No. 3. It was the home of the Hill Food Stores main bakery in 1923, the Family Service Laundry in 1934, and the Ideal Heating & Refrigerating Co. in 1941. It housed the Morris & Eckels Co. in the 1960s, while the upper floor was leased to The Corner Stone, a head shop and coffee house (later The Black Dog). Over the years, the original 7,000 square-foot building was expanded to 29,450 square feet.

In 1970 the building was used by Saunders Truck Leasing, and later housed the Birmingham Bumper Service along with other businesses. In the mid- to late-1980s the Hanna Antique Mall was located there. The upper floor was rented as studio space to photographers including Spider Martin and Rowland Sherman.

The building was left vacant for several years before 2017. That year Mike Mouron of Capstone Real Estate Investments purchased the building and adjoining parking lot on 2.85 acres from Southern Research for $2 million. Work on redevelopment began in December of that year. Retail Specialists and Retail Strategies leased 17,000 square feet in the renovated building.

In 2020 Bayer Properties moved their offices to the building.