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The Alabama Association of Architects was a professional organization of architects founded in 1887 in Birmingham.

An initial meeting of the group was held at the offices of Sutcliffe, Armstrong & Willett at 115 21st Street North on March 9 of that year. Present then were Edouard Sidel, Oscar Haupt, W. H. Willett, John Sutcliffe, and a visitor named Maury from Louisville, Kentucky. With such a low turn-out, it was decided to schedule another meeting on March 12, to which more architects could be invited.

At that meeting were present Sidel, Sutcliffe and Willett (but not Haupt, who sent a letter of support in his stead), along with W. S. Smith, his daughter and associate Sallie, A. J. Armstrong, F. H. Rousseau, and Harry Wheelock. The assembly approved the following resolution:

Resolved: That we as representing the architects of the State of Alabama hereby agree to form a body or corporation to be called the Alabama Association of Architects and that the said association when formed be affiliated with the Western Association of the United States.

Major Charles Wheelock, who was not present, was nominated as president by Armstrong and appointed to a three-month term. Sidel was named vice-president. Sutcliffe and Miss Smith were elected as secretary and treasurer, respectively. Wheelock, Armstrong and Miss Smith were appointed to a committee to enlist new members from across the state.

The Association approved a motion during the initial meeting to appoint a committee, made up of Sidel, Maddox and Rousseau, "to frame a schedule of prices to govern the charges to be made to clients". Other committees were appointed to draw up the Association's by-laws and to design a motto and badge or coat-of-arms.

The group, which met fortnightly on Saturday evenings, forwarded a letter of greeting which was read at the 21st convention of the American Institute of Architects, held in Chicago, Illinois in October 1887.


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