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Arkadelphia Road is the section of U. S. Highway 78 running from 8th Street West/Princeton Parkway at 2nd Court West northward to Finley Boulevard in Fountain Heights. It is named because it once connected Elyton to the Cullman County community of Arkadelphia. A spur of the road from Blount County follows Jefferson County 89 to the Warrior-Jasper Road. Remaining segments of the road follow 4th Street West in Hooper City to Coalburg Road, Fieldstown Road, Newfound Road, and Mount Olive Road to Partridge Crossroads and Corner, and into Blount County on Blount County 40 to Blount County 17, where the road crosses the Mulberry Fork into Cullman County on Cullman County 35 to its terminus in Arkadelphia.

Part of Arkadelphia Road in Birmingham once carried the No. 7 Wylam-Bush Hills streetcar line.

Notable locations (south to north)

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