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Fieldstown Road, which is also designated Jefferson County Road 118, is a 4.2 mile, predominantly east-west road in Gardendale that connects Decatur Highway (U.S. Highway 31) in the east and Coalburg Road in the west. There is significant commercial development along the road between its interchange with Interstate 65 and Decatur Highway. The majority of the road is in the Gardendale city limits, but a few portions are still in unincorporated Jefferson County.


Fieldstown Road was originally a two lane road that connected Gardendale to the Fieldstown community several miles to the west of Gardendale. When I-65 came through Gardendale in the early 1980's, the section of the road from I-65 to Decatur Highway was widened to five lanes and was partially rerouted to provide better traffic flow.


The east end of Fieldstown Road is at Pecan Avenue, which is adjacent to Decatur Highway (Gardendale). The road travels west, turning to the southwest as it meets I-65. It then turns south briefly before returning to a mostly western heading. The road finally turns south as it meets New Found Road, ending at Coalburg Road.

During the months of August, September, and the first week of October in 2018, Fieldstown Road was closed to traffic at the intersection of Shady Grove Road due to the construction of turn lanes and storm drains. This created major traffic problems because there were no simple detours around the construction zone and all traffic had to be rerouted on alternate roads. The problem was especially acute because the first day that the road was closed was also the first day of classes for all Jefferson County Schools. Mayor Stan Hogeland had tried to get the road construction project started earlier in the summer so that it would be completed before school started back, but since the project was being managed by ALDOT, he was unable to secure an earlier start date. The road was reopened to traffic on October 5, 2018.

Notable locations

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To the north:
Mt Olive Road
Interstate 65 exits
Fieldstown Road
To the south:
Walker Chapel Road