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Balch & Bingham LLP (founded in 1922 as Martin, Thompson & Turner) is a major law firm headquartered in the 1901 Sixth Avenue (formerly the Regions-Harbert Plaza) at 1901 6th Avenue North with nine other offices in Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Texas, and Washington, D.C. The firm employs more than 200 attorneys, headed by managing partner Alan Rogers.

The firm's founder was Logan Martin, a former corporate attorney, Circuit Court judge and Alabama Attorney General. He partnered with Fritz Thompson and Perry Turner, and later added Hobart McWhorter, Chester Bingham, Walter Bouldin, James Blakey and Edwin Hatch as partners during the company's first decade. Alvin Vogtle, Eason Balch, John Bingham and Frank Hawthorne joined in the 1940s. Martin remained head of the firm, then called Martin, Vogtle, Balch & Bingham, until his death in 1959. Vogtle was succeeded as managing partner by Balch in 1962.

A primary client was the Alabama Power Company, which had been headed by Martin's brother, Tom. Many of the firms attorneys started in Alabama Power's legal department, and some, like Walter Bouldin, Edwin Hatch, Alvin Vogtle and Joe Farley, returned to the utility as executives.

The departure of Vogtle opened the way for Eason Balch to assume leadership of the firm, then known as Balch, Bingham, Baker, Hawthorne, Williams & Ward. It merged with the Montgomery-based firm of Smith, Bowman, Thagard, Crook & Culpeper in 1983 and simplified its corporate name to "Balch & Bingham" in 1985. Balch retired in 1988.

The firm opened a Montgomery office after World War II and a Washington outpost in 1991. It merged with the Mississippi-based firm of Eaton and Cottrell in 2001 and with the Atlanta firm of Meadows, Icther & Bowers in 2003. In 2012 it merged with Presley Burton & Collier of Birmingham to enhance its market share in public finance law and the health care sector, and later with Stoneburner Berry Glocker Purcell & Greenhut, P.A. of Jacksonville, Florida.


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