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Bama Rush poster

Bama Rush is a documentary feature film directed by Rachel Fleit which follows four young women (Isabelle Eacrett, Shelby Rose, Makayla Miller and Hailey Holliday) shortly after their participation in recruitment ("rush") conducted by the 19 sororities of the Alabama Panhellenic Association at the University of Alabama.

Fleit was inspired to cover the subject after numerous TikTok videos from rush week went viral in August 2021 using the identifier "#BamaRush". The 101-minute feature was produced by HBO Films and Vice Studios. It was filmed in 2022 and released on Max on May 23, 2023. Because Fleit's team was generally denied access for filming, the documentary relies heavily on TikTok videos and recruitment materials for footage of actual sorority events. That content is set off against personal interviews and Fleit's recollection of her own introduction to college life.


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