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Birmingham Council Districts. District 3 highlighted in pink

Birmingham City Council District Three (District 3) is a legislative district of the City of Birmingham from which one representative on the Birmingham City Council and one member of the Birmingham Board of Education are elected. The city was divided into nine districts to preserve minority (white) representation following a court order issued in "Yarbrough et al v. City of Birmingham)" (1989). Prior to then councilors were elected at-large. As of the 2020 U.S. Census the district has 22,378 residents, who are represented by Councilor Valerie Abbott.

District Three covers areas in southern Birmingham. The district's borders were modified in 2013, adding sections of Five Points South neighborhood and the UAB campus from District 5 and ceding Crestwood North, Oak Ridge Park and part of Gate City to District 5. In 2022 parts of the Five Points South business district went to District 6.



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