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Cate in 2009
Bugsy being lifted out of the playground in 2024

Bugsy (previously referred to as Cate) is a steel caterpillar-shaped playground climber which was a feature of Homewood Park from the 1980s to 2024.

When the park was renovated in 2003 Cate was repainted, but deterioration had already progressed to the point that one of her antennae had rusted through and come loose.

The Homewood Parks and Recreation Board initially requested $3,500 in their 2006-2007 capital budget for a new "Wum Climber" from GameTime in Fort Payne. However, after hearing the story GameTime offered to refinish Cate's head and replace her antenna for free.

In early 2011, believing the caterpillar did not have an official name, Homewood business owners Cathy Fowler and Fran Jones sponsored a "Name That Caterpillar" Contest. The winning entry was Bugsy and a plaque with the name was placed outside the playground area in the fall.

The City of Homewood approved another $1 million refurbishment of the park's playground area in 2024. By that time, Bugsy was non-compliant with the safety codes to which the city was required to adhere. Officials stated that the structure would be salvaged for re-use, but was no longer suitable for climbing.

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