Crestline Heights Shopping Center

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Architect's rendering for the 1947 Crestline Heights Shopping Center

The Crestline Heights Shopping Center is a 102 x 145-foot retail strip completed in October 1947 at 60-66 Church Street in Mountain Brook's Crestline Village. It was developed by John Strange, designed by Pembleton & Mims architects and constructed by Curtis Hooks for $125,000, including land. The center's original tenants included an A&P Super Market, Savage's Bakery, a pharmacy and a beauty salon.

A "New Crestline Heights Shopping Center" was added, adjacent to the Mountain Brook City Hall on Oak Street in 1955. The 192-foot strip was designed for seven retail tenants, including a beauty shop, dress shop, and children's apparel store. Each space featured 11-foot plate glass front windows, and acoustical tile ceilings with fluorescent strip lighting. The outside of the building was constructed of Roman-style brick. The developer was Joe Scotch of Scotch Real Estate and Insurance Co.