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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Birmingham in Alabama is a Roman Catholic diocese covering 39 counties in northern and central Alabama. It is a suffragen diocese, along with the dioceses of Biloxi and Jackson, of the Archdiocese of Mobile, and is one of 18 dioceses in Region V of the U. S. Catholic Church. The diocese was created on June 28, 1969 by the division of the Catholic Diocese of Mobile-Birmingham.

The diocese is led by the Bishop of Birmingham. On August 14, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI appointed Robert Baker as Bishop, succeeding Bishop Emeritus and acting head David Foley, who retired in 2005. Baker was in turn succeeded by Steven Raica in March 2020, but continued to lead the diocese as administrator until Racia’s arrive in June. The seat of the diocese is St Paul's Cathedral on 3rd Avenue North in downtown Birmingham. Beginning in 1973, the Diocese of Birmingham occupied offices in the St Thomas Home-on-the-Hill in East Lake, remaining until 2001, when it moved into the Raburn Building at 2121 3rd Avenue North across from St Paul's.

In addition to its churches, the diocese has responsibility over charitable works, social services, schools and educational programs, and operates the Birmingham Catholic Press. It is also involved in the mission of St Vincent's Hospital.

As of 2006, the total population of the diocese is 2,845,000, of which 98,600 (3.5%) are members of the Roman Catholic Church. There are 55 parishes in the diocese. Though the diocese is not large, it is considered important because it includes the operations of the Eternal Word Television Network, an influential multi-media broadcaster which has sometimes stirred controversy with the U. S. Catholic Church.



This list shows only those in the seven-county Birmingham-Hoover MSA.

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