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This article is about the cinema multiplex. For other uses of "The Edge" see The Edge (disambiguation).
The Edge 12, February 2011

The Edge 12 was a 12-screen cinema multiplex located in the former Festival 18 location at Crestwood Festival Center on Crestwood Boulevard.

After the Festival 18 closed in May 2006, the cinema remained vacant, one of several vacancies in the shopping center, until Naos Entertainment, a Greenville company owned by Marty Felts, announced plans to renovate and reopen in 2010.

The remodeled cinema featured all stadium-seating, self-serve drink stations, and four 3-D screens. In October 2011 the theater was granted a license to serve beer and wine.

On the evening of December 25, 2011 a large group of unsupervised youths disrupted theater operations, roamed around the theaters and shopping center in unruly packs, and looted the open candy shelves in the lobby. Operators closed the cinema and Birmingham Police dispersed the crowds. Similar gatherings reportedly have occurred near multiplexes in Trussville and Vestavia Hills.

The cinema closed on April 2, 2023.


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