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Ferus Artisan Ales is a brewery, distillery and tap room at 201 Morrow Avenue owned by Coby Lake in the Trussville Entertainment District (TED) which opened in late 2018. The brewing and distilling operations is managed by Nate Darnell and Gaines Turpin. They feature sour ales alongside a range of pilsners, IPAs, stouts, and specialty barrel-aged beers from the 15,000 barrel brewery, as well as whiskey, gin and vodka from the distillery.

The business plans to capture solar energy to offset the demands of its production equipment, and to treat its wastewater on site for reuse as irrigation water.

The TED was dedicated on October 27, 2020 and includes a pavilion and stage area adjacent to Ferus. While the District is being developed, the city has contracted with Ferus to book events and manage the common area, which has been cordoned off for brewery use. Mayor Buddy Choat explained this was meant to be temporary and the city will take over booking for TED once construction is completed.

Ferus on 41st, a second location at 430 41st Street South in Avondale opened in 2022. The former Avondale Common House restaurant closed and "merged" into that location in January 2024.


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