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Heads Up Alabama! Psychology Promotes Healthy Living was an art installation consisting of twenty 3-foot-tall custom-painted fiberglass sculptures representing human heads. The project was conceived by the Alabama Psychological Association Foundation and the Public Education committee of the Alabama Psychological Association. It was intended to bring attention to promote public education about mental health.

Each head was decorated by a selected artist and mounted on a 3-foot pedestal with a plaque providing basic information on a variety of mental health topics. More information on those topics was made available through brochures and a project website. Major sponsors included KBR and the Bolling Family Foundation.

The series was first exhibited at the Birmingham Public Library on July 22, 2010 and then traveled to other sites around the state, including Aldridge Gardens in Hoover, Huntsville, Gadsden, Mobile, and Tuscaloosa.

After the touring exhibition, the individual heads were distributed to sponsors or donated to community mental health institutions for permanent display. Several were exhibited at the Alabama Museum of the Health Sciences inside UAB's Lister Hill Library.


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