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Hollywood Boulevard is an approximately two-thirds mile long street running roughly northeast-southwest through the Hollywood neighborhood of Homewood. It connects Independence Drive (U.S. Highway 31) with U.S. Highway 280. It is one of the few streets connecting Homewood with the adjacent suburb of Mountain Brook. The portion of Hollywood Boulevard around the Highway 280 interchange is actually just within a spur of the Birmingham city limits.

At its western end, Hollywood Boulevard becomes Oxmoor Road, while the eastern end becomes Montevallo Road. All three are actually parts of a road dating back to at least the 1860s which was previously known as Oxmoor-Irondale Road, which connected Oxmoor with Irondale. A Rand McNally road map from the 1920's identifies the section of this road between 18th Street in Homewood and Cahaba Road in Mountain Brook as the Clifton Highway, no doubt named by or for the Clifton Land Company, a property developer in Homewood.

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