Iron City Exchange

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The Iron City Exchange was a saloon located at 1906-8 1st Avenue North. It was owned by Isaac Hochstadter. Bartenders there included H. C. and I. M. Meyer.

The saloon shared space with Hochstadter's wholesale liquor distributorship. That business was founded in 1875 by Hochstadter and Solomon Wise. Wise left the partnership in 1884 and Hochstadter renamed it the Iron City Exchange. In 1885 the wholesale business advertised that it carried "W. H. McBrayer, Mellwood, Chas. Nelson's Corn and Lincoln, J. T. McGibben Fine Bourbons, Miller's Chicken Cock Fine Bourbons, Macon Hughes & Co. and Tolley & Eaton Pure Lincoln 1881, Finche's GOlden Wedding Rye, Guckenheimer (Freeport) Fine Rye, and "all other first-class liquors".