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Johnnie E. Wyatt (born March 28, 1951) is a restauranteur, civic activist, columnist, editor of the Westside Courier and manager of the Fairfield Civic Center.

Wyatt graduated from Cherokee County High School and went on to attend Gadsden State Junior College and Alabama State University. He has been a resident of Fairfield since the early 1980s, where he co-founded the Fairfield Dixie Youth Baseball League and has served as vice-president of the Fairfield Board of Education.

Wyatt was the long-time owner of Toby's Downtown and currently owns Jump Street Station on Bessemer Road. Since 2006 he has contributed the "Westside Story" column to the Birmingham Times newspaper and currently serves as managing editor for the Westside Courier, published by his wife Bennetta.

In his 2008 bid for Mayor of Fairfield, Wyatt promised to institute a city-wide recycling program, to work to fill vacant storefronts in business districts, and to fully staff the Fairfield Police Department. In the August 26 election Kenneth Coachman deafeated Wyatt in a runoff. Wyatt resigned his position as manager of the Fairfield Civic Center in September 2011 during a dispute between the center, the mayor, and the Fairfield City Council. Coachman refused to accept the resignation, and Wyatt returned to work on October 7.

Wyatt ran again for mayor in the 2016 election, in which Coachman declined to run. In a field of seven, Wyatt advanced to a runoff against Edward May, which May won.

The Wyatts have two children (Damon and Jillian) and are members of Westminster Presbyterian Church.


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