List of homicides in 2002

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This is a List of homicides in 2002 including the entire Birmingham area during 2002. Note that a "homicide" refers to the cause of death as determined by a medical examiner, not to the commission of the crime of murder as charged by prosecutors.

This list is incomplete and may never satisfy any subjective standard for completeness. You can help Bhamwiki by expanding it.

Jefferson County

109 homicides were reported across Jefferson County


1 homicide


11 homicides

  • February: Clara Jean Watson, 70, was stabbed to death by her granddaughter's husband, who also raped and killed her niece, at her mobile home in Park Lane. Luther Allen Smith had apparently been seeking money that his wife had won at a casino and claimed to have given to her grandmother. He was convicted of two counts of capital murder.
  • February: Paula Lynch, 57, was raped and stabbed to death along with her aunt, Clara Watson.
  • Austin Terry, 15 months old, was beaten to death. His mother's live-in boyfriend Chris Wesson was charged with capital murder. The first trial ended when Judge Teresa Petelos recused herself.


  • 71 homicides (list)


1 homicide


1 homicide


1 homicide


1 homicide reported

  • February 15: Alan Bates and his second wife, Terra, were shot by his ex-wife Jessica McCord and her husband Jeff in their home. The Bateses, in town to give depositions in a custody battle for Alana and Jessica's two daughters, came to the McCord home to pick the girls up for a weekend trip. Their bodies were found in their burned rental car in rural Morgan County, Georgia. Jessica was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to life without parole. Jeff, a Pelham police officer, later pleaded guilty and was given the same sentence. A wrongful death suit was filed, and McCord agreed to a $100 million judgment against any payments from media deals arising from the crime. Any such payments would go to the Bates' two children. If McCord is paroled and finds work, his wages would not, however, be garnisheed.
  • February 15: Terra Bates was the second victim of the same crime.
  • November 19: Sean Joyner, 17, was stabbed to death at Hoover High School. Classmate Ricky Reynolds was arrested and charged with murder. He claimed self-defense, but was convicted of reckless manslaughter and sentenced to the maximum of 20 years' imprisonment.


5 homicides

North Johns

  • September 1: Antwan Devel Davis, 26, was shot to death along with another man at his home on Bethlehem Street. Adam Lindsey pleaded guilty to two counts of murder. David Eaton, believed to be the shooter, was charged with two counts of capital murder.
  • September 1: Calvin Wilson, 24, was shot to death along with Davis.


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