Mayor of Gardendale

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The Mayor of Gardendale is the elected head of Gardendale's city government and serves a 4-year term.

List of mayors

Current and former mayors of Gardendale
  1. James I. Pesnell, 1955-1964
  2. Horace Parker, 1964-1968
  3. James Yarbrough, 1968-1970 (resigned to accept a new position at ACIPCO)
  4. Gilbert Jacks, 1970-1972 (elected by City Council on December 17, 1970 to fill unexpired term of James Yarbrough)
  5. William Noble, 1972-1996 (6 terms)
  6. Kenny Clemons, 1996-2008 (3 terms)
  7. Othell Phillips, 2008-2015 (resigned in August 2015 to become the Chief of Staff for Jefferson County Commissioner David Carrington)
  8. Stan Hogeland, 2015–present