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Mike's Crossroads West (formerly Al's Crossroads) was nightclub located at 100 3rd Avenue North. The club was first opened by Al Pilkington and was a counterpart to Al's Crossroads East on Parkway East. The clubs were known for topless dancers and performances by local rock and cover bands such as Dickey Betts' Great Southern, Alabama Power and Crimson Tide.

Pilkington later sold the clubs to Ahmad "Mike" Rahiminejad and his wife, Robin McClain. They closed Crossroads East and continued to operate the West End location.

On Monday March 31, 2008 the club was raided by Birmingham Police and other law-enforcement agencies. 39 people, including 13 women were arrested. Seven of those arrested were charged with felonies.

In November 2008 McClain sued the City of Birmingham for not renewing the club's dance license. In February 2009 circuit court judge Ed Ramsey agreed that the city's decision was "arbitrary, capricious and unlawful," and ruled that the license should be granted.

In 2012, after two more shootings near the club, one of which was fatal, Councilman Steven Hoyt put the matter of rescinding the club's license back before the Birmingham City Council. The Council voted to revoke the club's license on August 21. In October of that year, Judge Abdul Kallon sentenced Rahiminejad to 21 months in federal prison for falsifying his tax returns from 2006 to 2009.


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