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Parkway East is a major thoroughfare through the Roebuck and Huffman neighborhoods in northeast Birmingham. Parkway East begins as U.S. Highway 11, where that road ceases to be 1st Avenue North around 87th Street North and West Boulevard, at the southwest corner of Roebuck-Hawkins Park.

Parkway East continues northeastward for approximately one and one-half miles through Roebuck. From the point where 4th Avenue South merges into it, it was formerly signed as part of that avenue as it proceeded east to Roebuck Parkway. From that point, Parkway East continues northward as Alabama State Highway 75, while U. S. Highway 11 becomes known as Gadsden Highway and continues northeastward. Parkway East continues northward until the northernmost Huffman Road intersection near the Center Point city limits, where Highway 75 continues northward as Center Point Parkway.

Parkway East was constructed in the 1960s and supplanted portions of Huffman Road between Center Point and Gadsden Highway. As late as

Notable addresses

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North East Lake/South East Lake

Roebuck/Roebuck Springs-South Roebuck

Roebuck / Huffman

Spring Lake/Killough Springs