Nabers, Morrow & Sinnige

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1886 ad for Nabers & Morrow

Nabers, Morrow & Sinnige was a wholesale and retail pharmacy located in the Nabers, Morrow & Sinnige building at 109-11 20th Street North.

The company was founded as a medical practice and druggist by Doctors Frank Nabers & George Morrow in 1879. The business was located in a 3-story 25'x140' brick building at 2012 1st Avenue North by 1884.

Nabers & Morrow entered the wholesale drug business in March 1885. With junior partner L. A. Hendon they opened a second 3-story building on the 200 block of 19th Street North in Bessemer for Nabers, Morrow & Hendon.

Henry Sinnige later joined with them as they expanded. They operated the Iron City Steam Bottling Works before selling it to R. W. Mustin and M. M. Fogle in 1889. They hired architect Harry Wheelock to design their new five-story headquarters building in 1898.