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One Roof Alabamas is a non-profit organization which seeks to support community efforts to end homelessness. The group, which was incorporated in 1991, engages in advocacy, education and coordination efforts through the "Continuum of Care" of central Alabama. Michelle Farley is the executive director and Nan Baldwin chairs the board of directors. One Roof's offices are located on the fifth floor of Cooper Green Mercy Health Services at 1515 6th Avenue South.

One Roof's data management system, known as "PromisSE", increases the efficiency of partner agencies by identifying gaps and duplications in service. The organization also supports lobbying and grant application efforts on behalf of programs for the homeless and provides a dedicated social worker to the Continuum of Care venture, supporting efforts to link clients with existing support programs. One Roof also provides community and direct education programs, including referrals for people and families facing housing crises.

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