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Pianeta 3 (Italian for "Planet 3") was an upscale pizzeria which opened December 20, 2010 in the former Browdy's location at 2713 Culver Road in the Mountain Brook Shopping Center in Mountain Brook Village.

The 85-100 seat restaurant was launched as a partnership between Franklin Biggs, George Sarris, Gary Tramontina, Bob Blalock and Derek Blalock. Biggs was general manager while Derek Blalock headed the kitchen staff.

Pianeta 3 served gourmet pizzas with fresh, exotic ingredients, as well as salads, sandwiches, antipasti, and pasta, along with extensive beer and wine offerings. Biggs left the partnership in February 2011. The restaurant closed its doors the following May. Ollie Irene later opened in the same space.

Preceded by:
2713 Culver Road
Succeeded by:
Ollie Irene


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