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Team Alabama was the provisional name of a professional football team scheduled to begin play in 2009 as one of 8 charter members of the All American Football League (AAFL).

The formation of the league, founded by millionaire Marcus Katz and former NCAA president Cedric Dempsey, was announced in July 2006. The league hoped to build on existing regional rivalries, rooted in college football. NCAA rules of play would be followed and teams would be located primarily in college towns, employ former college players, and use local college colors. Players would have to have exhausted their college eligibility and earned a degree. They would earn a flat salary, $5,000 per game initially, to be paid by the league. Six "franchise players" on each team would be eligible for up to $50,000 more, capping player salaries at $100,000 per year.

Birmingham was awarded one of six charter teams. Home games would have been played at Legion Field for the 2009 season. National tryouts for Team Alabama were held on July 26, 2007 at Legion Field. Negotiations to contract former Mississippi State head coach Jackie Sherrill to coach Team Alabama faltered shortly before an expected announcement. The team then turned to NFL Europa veteran and three-time World Bowl champion Mike Jones, who was hired in late November. The initial season was set to begin on on April 12, 2008, but was postponed in March until 2009.

Although the league stated that Team Alabama hoped to attract fans from both Alabama and Auburn, marketing for the new team has overwhelmingly leaned toward Crimson Tide supporters.

On March 26, 2008, Jones and team president Joe Cribbs were placed on "unpaid administrative leave". Cribbs was very critical of the perceived micro-management of the team by the league and stated at that time that he would probably not return to the team.


Signed players included:

drafted players

  1. (6th) Josh Sewell (OL)
  2. (7th) Scott Scharff (DL)
  3. (18th) Ben Brielmaier (OL)
  4. (19th) Daryl Whittington (DL)
  5. (30th) Alex Obomese (DL)
  6. (31st) Nick Smith (OL)
  7. (42nd) Grant Steen (LB)
  8. (43rd) Antwaun Carter (RB)
  9. (54th) Terrance Robinson (LB)
  10. (55th) Nathan Bennett (OL)
  11. (66th) Jared Newberry (LB)
  12. (67th) Travis Manigan (DL)
  13. (78th) Robert Ortiz (WR)
  14. (79th) Reggie Myles (DB)
  15. (90th) Saleem Rasheed (LB)
  16. (91st) Freddie Milons (WR)
  17. (102nd) Marcus Spencer (DB)
  18. (103rd) Karibi Dede (LB)
  19. (114th) Jeffrey Dukes (DB)
  20. (115th) Tre Smith (RB)
  21. (126th) Brian Balazik (QB)
  22. (127th) Joel Babb (WR)
  23. (150th) Kody Bliss (P)
  24. (151st) Gerald Dixon (DB)
  25. (162nd) Terry Jones, Jr (TE)
  26. (163rd) Ernest Respress (DL)
  27. (174th) Rob Austin (OL)
  28. (175th) Franklin Lloyd (DL)
  29. (186th) Josh Chambers (DL)
  30. (187th) Kerry Johnson (WR)
  31. (198th) Darius Williams (TE)
  32. (199th) Cedric Norman (WR)
  33. (210th) Clifford Carter (WR)
  34. (211th) Earthwind Moreland (DB)
  35. (222nd) Dennis Davis (DB)
  36. (223rd) Jeremiah Russell (WR)
  37. (234th) Reginald Austin (DB)
  38. (235th) John Niklos (RB)
  39. (246th) Abdul Howard (DB)
  40. (247th) E. Z. Smith (OL)
  41. (258th) Gabriel Helms (DB)
  42. (259th) Marvin Townes (RB)
  43. (270th) Keith Willis (TE)
  44. (271st) Rico Reese (DL)
  45. (282nd) Mark Anelli (TE)
  46. (283rd) Kevin Eakin (QB)
  47. (294th) Marcus Thomas (OL)
  48. (295th) Jermaine Harris (LB)

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