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The Titusville Development Corp. (TDC) is a non-profit community housing development organization founded in 1984 to support the preservation, development and revitalization of the Titusville community in Birmingham. It is currently organized as a "community housing development organization" (CHDO) in order to apply for and manage U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development HOME Investment Partnerships Program funds, which were authorized by the Cranston-Gonzalez National Affordable Housing Act of 1990. It is headed by CEO Ronald Bayles and has offices at 300 Kappa Avenue South.

As part of its primary focus on housing and homeownership, the Titusville Development Corp. acquires and renovates neglected houses for resale and facilitates emergency repairs for elderly homeowners. Its "Scattered Site New Homeownership Program" finances the construction of new houses as infill on vacant lots, and its "Senior Affordable Housing Program" focuses on providing accessible homes for seniors. TDC has worked with architects and city officials to develop housing models that could be built on typical 25' x 125' "shotgun" lots with a zoning exemption, allowing it to preserve the character of some historic working class neighborhoods. The corporation also acquires small apartment complexes for lease, and invests as a partner in the building of new multi-lot housing developments and multi-family housing. TDC has worked with Navigate Affordable Housing Partners and Build UP on housing initiatives.

The Titusville Development Corp. is also involved in numerous community programs, often in partnership with other organizations. It distributes food from the Community Food Bank of Central Alabama to low-income residents with help from Meals on Wheels. It offers health, literacy and financial workshops with the support of Dawson Family of Faith, and is a key organizer of the annual Titusville Day community festival. TDC has also worked to recognize historic sites in the community with markers.


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