Crestwood Coffee Company

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Crestwood Coffee Company, July 2010

Crestwood Coffee Company was a coffee shop located in the Crestwood Shopping Center at 5512 Crestwood Boulevard. The store served "Fair Trade" coffees, desserts, breakfast items and light lunches.

Crestwood Coffee and its sister store Highland Coffee Company, which closed in 2006, were both opened by Paul Roller.

Pye Parson, who previously owned the neighboring Sol Garden, purchased Crestwood Coffee in 2009 and briefly considered a name change. She obtained a beer and wine license for the establishment and, with chef Joe Babin, expanded the lunch and dinner menu. She sold it to Mark Hales and Danny Winter in 2010. Employee Camille Henry purchased the business in 2018.

The business struggled during the COVID pandemic. In April 2022 Henry announced that, "pandemic losses have finally caught up with us," forcing the business to close, "for the foreseeable future."