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"Old Killer Drops His Guns and Dies" (1996) by Evans

John James Evans (born May 25, 1973 in Derry, Pennsylvania), better known as Hugo Fat, is an oil painter, cartoonist, writer and musician. Evans graduated from the Alabama School of Fine Arts and attended the University of Montevallo.

While at Montevallo, Evans and John Walker collaborated on the editorial comic strip Dry Heaves which was published in The Alabamian, the student newspaper. Evans began showing his oil paintings in 1991 at galleries in the Birmingham area.

Evans left Montevallo for Texas in 1997. He moved to Bristol, England in 2004, but returned to Houston in 2011.

Evans has used several aliases due to the number of other artists with similar names. Currently, he goes by J. Hugo Fat, and used the name Jim Fat while living in Texas. Evans holds dual citizenship in the United States and Great Britain. While born in the U. S., Evans' father is a native of Nottingham, England. Evans currently concentrates on oil paintings and publishes a comic strip entitled Wind Up!.

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