Rogers Area Vocational Center

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1967 Plaque
Rogers Vocational School plaque

The George M. Rogers Area Vocational Center (formerly Gardendale Area Vocational School) was a vocational school formerly located at 800 Main Street in Gardendale.

It was constructed in 1967 adjacent to Gardendale High School. Wilmot Douglas was the architect, and John O. Freeman was awarded the construction contract for more than $2 million.

The first classes were held in September 1968 with 55 faculty members and 900 students. The facility was formally dedicated on January 10, 1969.

The building was renamed on November 17, 1970 in honor of George M. Rogers for his service on the Jefferson County Board of Education.

It has now been demolished to make way for soccer and baseball fields as well as student parking at the new high school.


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