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8th Avenue North (or Eighth Avenue North, formerly just 8th Avenue) is an east-west street running through downtown Birmingham and continuing in sections through the east side of the city.

The downtown section of the street, from Center Street in the west (where it becomes 8th Avenue West) to 34th Street North, where it is interrupted by the Seaboard Air Line Railroad, was renamed Reverend Abraham Woods, Jr Boulevard in November 2008.

The next section of 8th Avenue North emerges west of 37th Place North and terminates at 40th Street North in North Avondale. The street resumes at 41st Street North and abuts the north side of Stockham Park before continuing for three blocks to 45th Street North.

Another section of 8th Avenue North, originally 3rd Avenue North in the City of Woodlawn, emerges between Messer Airport Highway and 50th Street North in today's Woodlawn neighborhood.

In East Lake a section of 8th Avenue North continues 48th Avenue North at Curry Elementary School and continues northeast to 81st Street North, where it jogs southeast for a block before proceeding through land cleared for airport noise abatement to a point just shy of 87th Street North.

A north-south section of 8th Avenue North picks up at 87th Street and turns to become 90th Street North. At 90th Place North the avenue reappears, jogging to the west at 93rd Street North, and crossing Tarrant-Huffman Road, where it terminates before reaching Penfield Drive.

In 1945 electric lighting was installed on 8th Avenue North between Center Street and 19th street, with brighter "whiteway" lighting between 19th and 21st Streets under the city's contract with the Birmingham Electric Company.

Notable locations

For downtown locations, see Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Boulevard.
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