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The Elyton Land Company parcel was the original land on which the new city of Birmingham was platted and gradually built.

The last 1,113 acres was purchased by Josiah Morris, acting on behalf of the Elyton Land Company, for $27,875.00 from William F. Nabers and Elizabeth Nabers. Nabers reserved two acres, called Nabers' Grove, on which his house was standing, and also invested in the new city by taking 186 shares in the venture.

The Nabers plot was described as follows:

The west 1/2 of the west 1/2 section 30, township 17, range 2 west; the southeast 1/4 of section 24, township 17, range 3 west; the west 1/2 of the northeast 1/4 and the east 1/2 of the northwest 1/4 of section 25, the north 1/2 and the southwest 1/4 of section 36, the east 1/2 of the northeast 1/4 of section 35, all in township 17, range 3 west, except 5 acres of said southwest 1/4 of section 46 south of the Georgia Road, which belongs to W. A. Walker Sr, and containing in all eleven hundred and fifteen acres and also except two acres of the southeast 1/4 of the southwst 1/4 of section 36, township 17, range 3 west upon which is located the dwelling house in which the said parties of the first part do now reside and the improvements thereon which two acres of land is hereby reserved by said parties of the first part.

Additional terms allowed the company the right to purchase the Nabers homestead for cash within two years at $25 per acre plus the assessed value of the improvements.

The sale was carried out on March 6, 1871 and recorded in the Jefferson County Deed Book, Volume 17, Page 40 on March 11.