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Homewood Theatre c. 1928 courtesy BPL Archives
This article is about the former cinema. For the community theater group, see Homewood Theatre.

The Homewood Theatre (once called the Royal Theater) was a small movie theater located at 2834 18th Street South in downtown Homewood. Its precise construction and opening dates are not known, but it is believed to have opened shortly after the city was incorporated in 1927.

The theater was expanded and remodeled in 1941 by the Waters Theater Company. When it reopened on Thursday, April 3, it could accommodate 750 patrons and boasted a streamlined opaque glass (Vitrolite) and stucco facade. Wilmot Douglas was the architect for the renovations, which were executed by contractor Thomas Brasfield. A highlight of the new auditorium was the provision of 2-person "love seats". Adult tickets were 20¢ and children were admitted for 10¢. The feature film screened on that first evening was "The Mark of Zorro" starring Tyrone Power and Linda Darnell.

The theater accommodated African-American patrons in the balcony. Blacks used a separate entrance to the single box office, then climbed stairs to the balcony. With no access to the concession stands, black customers would often come downstairs and ask white patrons to buy drinks and snacks for them.

The theater was closed in the late 1950s, then operated briefly as an "art theater" (playing more risqué European films) before it closed for good around 1963. The building still stands, having been converted into a storefront. It has housed Homewood Cycle & Fitness since at least the 1970s.

The theatre was depicted in the sixth commemorative ornament created by Don Stewart for the Homewood Chamber of Commerce in 2008.

Preceded by:
2834 18th Street South
c. 19271963
Succeeded by:
Homewood Cycle & Hobby Shop


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