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SKKY was a dance club located at 1928 11th Avenue South on the top floor of the Studio Arts Building at Five Points South. It opened in December 2014 as a re-branding of the former Bacchus club owned by Leesa Warren, great-granddaughter of developer Newman Waters. Dan Cooper was the owner of the business.

The club was marketed as a "plush lounge" with eight semi-private "VIP lounge" booths overlooking Five Points circle which could be reserved for parties of up to 10 people.

After several incidents of violence at the nightclub over the course of the summer of 2017 the Birmingham City Council initiated hearings in September to declare the business a public nuisance and force it to close. Cooper petitioned the Council to give him 90 days to complete a planned "reorganization" of the nightclub, which would have included changing the name, raising the entry age to 21, redecorating and establishing a dress code. Instead the city filed a complaint in Jefferson County Circuit Court seeking a temporary injunction forcing the club to remain closed while the Council held hearings on revoking its license. After a one-hour hearing, the Council voted on October 31 to revoke the club's license.


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