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Youth Force Ministries Church International is a nondenominational Christian church which meets at 204 Kemp Drive, behind Warrior City Hall in Warrior.

It was founded in 1988 by self-described prophet Robin D. Bullock and his wife and singing partner Robin R. Bullock, who have performed as Twice Robin. They incorporated it as a non-profit, "to spread the teachings of our Lord/Savior Jesus Christ," in 1996. Twice Robin took a break from their home ministry in 2002 to focus on their music career. After being inducted into the Alabama Country and Gospel Music Hall of Fame in 2006 they returned to Warrior.

In early 2008 Youth Force Ministries began holding a Saturday evening youth program at 133 Louisa Street. The program drew from military and gang iconography to involve youth who were eager to "belong". As it gained more adult participants, the Bullocks began holding Sunday morning services as Church International with Robin R. Bullock as pastor and Robin D. Bullock playing guitar. A recording of the services is broadcast on YouTube as "The Eleventh Hour", and has more than 200,000 subscribers. A video posted on October 30, 2020, which included a prophecy by Robin D. Bullock that Donald Trump would win the November 4 president election and that the Democratic Party would "go underground" before returning to power under "the antichrist", racked up nearly 3 million views. He attended Trump's "Stop the Steal" rally at the Ellipse in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2021. In March of that year, the non-profit purchased the Victorian-style Jeremiah Brake residence in Warrior as a parsonage.

The church has been described as promoting the "prosperity gospel". It has also adopted recognition of Jewish holidays and incorporates menorahs, shofars, and the flag of Israel as props. Speaking as a prophet, Robin D. Bullock has described the COVID-19 pandemic as God's punishment for Hillary Clinton voters, and has described homosexuality as a demonic influence which infects people called to be evangelists. He has urged his followers not to acknowledge Joe Biden as president, but to "call" Donald Trump back to office.

The church also established the Over The Top Bible College to train candidates for ministry. In 2022 Church International moved to its current location, in a former Fred's Pharmacy, from 430 North Thomas Street. In October of that year it acquired the 22.5-acre site of the former Warrior Middle School on Poplar Street from the Jefferson County Board of Education for $144,000.

In November 2022, the Alabama Department of Revenue subpoenaed financial documents from the church and Bible college as part of an investigation into alleged "charitable fraud and self-dealing." In May 2023 the department filed a lawsuit seeking a court order for unredacted documents.

In May 2023 Youth Force Ministries purchased several parcels at 126, 204, 206, 208, 210 and 214 Louisa Street from John Launius of Launius Furniture Co. for a total of $4 million. That same month, 82-year-old Janet Ndegwa of Pomona, California answered a "call" to come to Warrior. She made the 2,000-mile trip by Greyhound, but was turned away at the church door. Nevertheless Ndegwa found a place to live nearby to reassess what she had been called to do.

In August 2023 the Church International hosted a "Gathering of Tribal Nations" during which Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman and his wife Francie told the story of their courtship after they both lost previous spouses to cancer. In September the group applied to rezone its Poplar Street property from "institutional" to "agricultural" to allow for development of a landscaped park behind a stone wall. The proposed park, called "The Farm" would have walking trails, interpretive signage, a pond stocked with fish, and greenhouses to supply a farm stand. A house would also be included in the development for use by full-time caretakers. The Warrior Planning and Zoning Commission rejected the application.


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