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Daxko develops software used by non-profit organizations to manage memberships, operations and accounting. Its products are developed especially for use by YMCA branches. Its software is used by approximately one third of all YMCA branches in the United States.

The company was founded in 1998 by Tom Patterson, who serves as chairman. Ron Lamb succeeded David Gray as CEO in 2018. DAXKO's main office is located in the Lakeshore Park Plaza building at 2204 Lakeshore Drive. The company took on $7.75 million in venture capital in 2008 in order to expand its operations to the general non-profit sector.

The company has been honored repeatedly as one of Birmingham's fastest-growing firms and one of the regions' best places to work. In 2009 the company was one of seven firms profiled in Fortune Small Business' "Seven Great Places to Work".

In January 2011 Daxko acquired Triangle 2 Partners of Tampa, Florida, adding its services to a division called "Daxko T2 Consulting". Two years later, it acquired Active Life Apps of North Carolina. In December 2015 the company acquired CSI Software of Houston, Texas.

GI Partners of San Francisco, California purchased a majority stake in Daxko in September 2016 along with three seats on the company's board of directors. Daxko acquired Zen Planner of Highlands Ranch, Colorado in 2017, Club Automation of Chicago, Illinois in 2018, and TennisSource of Fort Collins, Colorado in 2019. In early 2020 it acquired PlayerSpace of Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina; UpLaunch of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania; and Motionsoft of Rockville, Maryland.


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