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Edgar Brewster Van Keuren (born August 1886; died November 1957) was an architect and partner in the firms of Denham, Van Keuren & Denham and Van Keuren & Davis.

The E. B. Van Keuren & Co. merged with Denham & Denham in 1923, keeping offices in the City Federal Building (then called the Age-Herald Building). The partnership split in 1928 and Van Keuren relocated to the Farley Building before 1938.

In the 1930s and early 1940s, Van Keuren completed several projects on behalf of the Works Progress Administration. He was awarded the commission for the Slossfield Community Center.

Around 1940 Van Keuren hired Paul Rudolph, a recent graduate of the Alabama Polytechnic Institute, as an intern. He designed McAdory School in 1941, and also drew up plans for a new Fairfield City Hall, but the end of the WPA program and the onset of World War II delayed its completion until 1945.

During the war, Van Keuren partnered with engineer J. W. Goodwin on the design of the new Courtland Army Airfield in Lawrence County.

Van Keuren and his wife, Edith had two daughters; Mattie and Edith. Van Keuren died in 1957 and is buried at Forest Hill Cemetery.