Episcopal Diocese of Alabama

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The Episcopal Diocese of Alabama encompasses the Episcopal churches in Alabama from the Black Belt north to Tennessee state line. Its offices are at 513 20th Street North in a building known as Carpenter House. The Cathedral Church of the Advent is next door and serves as the ceremonial seat of the diocese.

From its establishment on January 25, 1830, until 1970, the diocese encompassed the entire state. At that time, due to an increase in the number of churches, southern counties were united with those in western Florida to form the Diocese of the Central Gulf Coast.

In 2021 the diocese included 87 parishes along with other ministries including Camp McDowell and campus ministries.

Since January 2021, the diocese has been led by the XII Bishop of Alabama Glenda Curry. Since January 2022, Brian Prior has served as assistant bishop.

Birmingham Area Churches and Chapels

Former Birmingham Area Churches and Chapels

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