Graymont neighborhood

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Birmingham neighborhoods
District(s) 5, 8
Community Smithfield
Population 1,620
Area N/A
President Willine Body
Meeting site Legion Field, (map)
Meeting day 3rd Wednesday
Neighborhood map Graymont

Graymont is a neighborhood in the Smithfield community centered around Graymont Avenue south of Legion Field. The neighborhood was originally a subdivision granted to Lucy Smith Gray by her father, Joseph Riley Smith, and is named in her honor. Though there is no specific geographical feature from which the "mont" part of the name was taken, the ground does rise to the north of 8th Avenue, giving views back toward the city.

The Graymont neighborhood lies between College Hills across 8th Avenue West to the north, Smithfield across Center Street to the east, Arlington-West End across Valley Creek to the south, and Rising-West Princeton and Bush Hills across Princeton Parkway to the west. Legion Field anchors McLendon Park, which stretches across the northern half of the neighborhood. The Elyton Village housing project occupies most of the southeast quarter. Birmingham Fire Station No. 14 and the Smithfield Public Library are located within Graymont's borders.

Graymont Elementary School, the first Birmingham City School to be integrated, was located just outside the neighborhood on the north side of 8th Avenue. It closed in 1989. The Graymont National Guard Armory was once located on Graymont Avenue just southeast of Legion Field.

Grade school students attend Hill Elementary School, Bush Hills Academy, or Washington K-8 School and Parker High School.

The Graymont Neighborhood Association meets on the third Wednesday of each month in the lobby of Legion Field. Willine Body is the neighborhood president, having succeeded Shirley Gavin Floyd in 2012. Eloise Hardy is vice president, and Betty Miles is secretary.


  • 2010: 1,178 (96.5% Black)
  • 2020: 1,620 (93.6% Black)


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