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MAX Transit Route 14 is a bus route serviced by the Birmingham Jefferson County Transit Authority from Birmingham Central Station to the Palisades Shopping Center. The route was last revised in March 2003.

Major stops along the route include the Central Station, 20th Street at 11th Avenue South, Idlewild Circle, the Palisades Shopping Center, and the intersection of Oxmoor Road and Barber Court.

Weekday and Saturday service on Route 14 is provided between 5:55 AM and 9:15 PM at 50 minute intervals on weekdays and 60 minute intervals on Saturday. The route does not inclute the Barber Court Loop on Saturday Service.


In 1960 Birmingham Transit Company Route 14 also followed the 11th Avenue South route, branching off from Five Points South along 11th Avenue South, then south on 15th Street South, turning west at 15th Avenue South, looping over to 16th Avenue South at 12th Street, and back to 15th via 13th Way South.


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