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The Magic City Brewfest is a beer tasting festival at Sloss Furnaces organized as a benefit for Free the Hops. Danner Kline, founder and former president of Free the Hops, is the festival's coordinator. Hundreds of beers from sponsoring breweries and distributors are available for tasting along with food prepared by local restaurants and musical performances.

The inaugural event in 2007 attracted more fans than expected, with long lines and food shortages.

The 2008 event was held May 31-June 1.

The 2009 event, held June 5-6 was a pre-sale sellout with no tickets available at the gate. It was also the first event held after the state legislature passed the Free the Hops Gourmet Beer bill, with high-gravity beers available at the festival.

The 2010 event was held June 4-5.

The 2020 Coronavirus pandemic forestalled holding the event that year, but it returned in June 2021.

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