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Moreson Conferencing Inc. was a company which provided conference call technology to businesses. It was founded in Montgomery in 1996 by Mark Jackson, and incorporated in 1999. The company specialized in large-scale conference calls and provided recordings, transcripts and participant logs to clients.

The company relocated to the Chase Corporate Center in Hoover in 2002. It later had offices in the New South Center at 1900 Crestwood Boulevard and also maintained call centers in Denver, Colorado and Chicago, Illinois; and sales offices around the country, as well as in England and New Zealand. In 2004 the company described itself as "the nation's fifth-largest teleconferencing firm."

Moreson Conferencing initially benefitted from the sudden demand for conferencing services during the COVID-19 pandemic, but the flourishing of on-line video conferencing services eventually caused its customer base to dwindle. Jackson shut down Moreson Conferencing in December 31, 2023 and made plans to launch a new venture, BlueDot, which would compete more directly with online videoconferencing platforms.