Norwood Methodist Church

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Norwood Methodist Church was organized in 1909 as Norwood Methodist Episcopal Church, South.

The church erected a 25,000 square-foot brick building at the corner of 13th Avenue North and 31st Street in 1921. The exterior of the church is in the Lombard Romanesque revival style. C. T. Holmes supervised construction of the $100,000 building. A 2-manual, 32-stop, 6-rank pipe organ, Wurlitzer Manufacturing Co. Opus 540, was installed in the new building in 1922.

The church, known later as Norwood United Methodist Church, merged with Wesley Chapel Methodist Church on September 11, 1977. They removed the pipe organ to storage and turned over the Norwood building to Carraway Methodist Medical Center in 1980. Carraway sold the building to the Norwood Seventh Day Adventist Church in the 1980s.

Upfront Holding LLC sold the property to Found Properties LLC in 2018 for $250,000. The Jefferson County Tax Assessor later appraised the property for $933,000. Found Properties put the site up for auction in September 2020.