Sacred Heart Catholic Church

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Sacred Heart Catholic Church is a Romanesque-style parish church in downtown Cullman. The pastor is Patrick Egan.

The parish was established in 1877 by Father James Meurer. Its current stone-clad building, dedicated in 1916, was furnished with German stained glass windows which survived World War I by being buried near the factory.

The church's pipe organ, installed in 1959, was originally constructed in 1921. It was restored in 1988. The church's rectory was completed in 1961. The adjoining cemetery was founded with the church and later expanded to 10 acres.

Restoration of the church building was completed in 1999 with the addition of large, gold-colored crosses atop the building's two spires.

In 2006 the parish instituted a church school, supporting home-schooling families in the area.

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