Shades Creek Greenway

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Shades Creek Greenway masterplan

The Shades Creek Greenway is a greenway that follows the course of Shades Creek through Mountain Brook and Homewood. The trail is an 8- to 12-foot-wide asphalt path and is maintained by the City of Homewood. It passes through the former Edgewood Lake bed and is a refuge for many wildlife species. In 2017, the Audubon Society declared the greenway an Alabama Birding Trail.

The portion in Homewood was developed in three phases. The initial phase of the greenway trail is protected by a permanent easement.

Shades Creek Greenway marker


  1. from Brookwood Village to Columbiana Road (started in 1998 and completed in 2003)
  2. from Columbiana Road to Shades Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant (in progress)
  3. from Shades Creek Waste Water Treatment Plant to West Homewood Park (not completed as of 2019)

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