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Westfield High School was a public high school for African Americans located in Fairfield from 1934 to 1971.

The school was founded by Phillip Warren at the instigation of Miles College to serve students in the Westfield and Fairfield communities.

The school first held classes in the auditorium of Westfield #1 Elementary School on Miles' campus. Warren served as principal with Louise Moses, Eugene Jackson and A. J. McClung as faculty. Soon a building for the school was completed on Tin Mill Road and the faculty was expanded with shop, home economics, social studies, beautician, music and athletic training. In 1961 Westfield became the first Alabama high school to offer Russian language studies, taught by Loretta Jones.

In 1963 a large portion of the Westfield community was demolished for expansion of U. S. Steel's Fairfield Works.

The school was a victim of school desegregation. It closed in 1971 and its former students were bused to formerly all-white schools elsewhere. The closure signaled the dissolution of the remaining community as families relocated. The building was demolished in 1973.


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