Woodside Condominiums

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Woodside Condominiums is a large condominium complex on Shadowood Circle Northeast off Center Point Parkway in Center Point. Many of the units are rented out as apartments.

In January 2017 resident Hollis Nikia Bullard was arrested and charged with counterfeiting $100 bills from his apartment.

On September 4, 2019 a fire damaged 4 units at the complex. A few days later, municipal water service to the complex was cut off due to nonpayment of more than $136,000 owed to the Birmingham Water Works Board. The City of Center Point posted notices urging residents to relocate due to uninhabitable conditions.

In October 2019 3-year-old Kamille McKinney, who had been abducted from an outdoor party in North Avondale, is believed to have been strangled to death at a unit occupied by Patrick Devone Stallworth at Woodside Condominiums. Her remains were found in a dumpster brought from the complex to a landfill near Warrior.

On December 7, 2019 an unnamed male was fatally wounded by gunfire in the parking lot of the complex. A week later a 911 call led sheriff's deputies to the complex where they found a woman with her hands bound struggling down a stairway. She claimed to have been abducted and held because she had knowledge of a homicide. Based on her statement, deputies recovered the remains of a female in a wooded area near Medical Park Drive in Huffman.


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