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Insured Nomads is an insurance company with travel and health insurance policies tailored for international remote workers, expatriates, "digital nomads" and others who travel for extended periods. The company was founded in fall 2019 by Andrew Jernigan, Juliana Jernigan, Allen Koski, Brett Estep, and Markus Zettner. Its headquarters offices are located in the Forge co-working space at The Pizitz in downtown Birmingham though most of its executives work remotely.

In April 2021 Insured Nomads began offering counseling, telemedicine, VPN services and emergency assistance to its policyholders via Safeture of Lund, Sweden. Later that year the company raised a 7-figure pre-seed round of capital investment led by Hustle Fund, Mucker Capital, Awesome People Ventures and BP Capital Management. By that time the company had gained approvals to offer policies from offices in London, England and Hamburg, Germany, later opening an office in Paris, France. In 2022 the insurer acquired Peanut Travel of California, a travel information app developer.

In 2023 Insured Nomads was invited to join the RevTech Labs business accelerator in Charlotte, North Carolina.


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