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Wes McDonald (also known as Terry Ohms) is a musician and label manager for Cornelius Chapel Records.

McDonald was part of a band in Athens, Georgia called "The Ohms". Each member adopted a pseudonym, and Wes' was "Terry Ohms". He later brought back the name for solo projects. In 2006 he launched a new band, Wes McDonald & The Fizz with long-time friend and drummer Les Nuby. That band was re-organized as Vulture Whale in 2007.

Vulture Whale began leasing practice space in a former car wash on Central Avenue in Homewood. Soon McDonald and his bandmates purchased the building, which became the home of Ol' Elegante Studio and Ol' Elegante Records. After McDonald bought Elliot McPherson's interest in Cornelius Chapel Records, that label took over the Ol' Elegante roster.

McDonald and Vulture Whale bandmate Jake Waitzman founded Vulcan Vape, which operates from the same building, in 2011.


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