Rufus N. Rhodes Leadership in Media Award

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The Rufus N. Rhodes Leadership in Media Award was a set of annual awards given by the Birmingham Regional Chamber of Commerce to media leaders, journalists, or organizations who have made a significant, positive impact on the Birmingham area's economic development or public image. The award was named for Rufus Rhodes, founder of The Birmingham News and chairman of the Chamber in 1895. The awards were presented at the Chamber's annual Media Night event.

The awards were created in 2005 and first awarded on September 28, 2006. Nominations were allowed from any media outlet or the general public, although media outlets were limited to one nomination per category. The three categories were posthumous, individual, and news/media organization. They were awarded for "impact and outcomes, as opposed to journalistic talent."1 Judging was done by a panel of community leaders and academic communications professionals.



The 2006 winners were announced September 28:


The 2007 winners were announced October 2:


The 2008 winners were announced September 8:


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