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Chords of Relief: A Magic City Relief Effort for the Victims of Hurricane Katrina was an album released November 22, 2005 as a joint effort between Earfood Records, Skybucket Records, and Superphonic Records, featuring music from Birmingham-based artists.

All the proceeds from album sales were donated to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund for relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina, which hit September 29, 2005 and effected millions of people across coastal areas of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

Track listing

  1. Bo Butler - "Today"
  2. Snow Machine - "Summer Snow"
  3. Greg Summerlin - "Rolling Like A Stone"
  4. Kiss Me At The Gate - "Seven Ravens"
  5. Wild Sweet Orange - "Tilt" (acoustic)
  6. Through The Sparks - "Picture"
  7. Kate Taylor - "Tearing Me Apart"
  8. Hatch - "My Last Question" (acoustic)
  9. Duquette Johnston - "Babies And Diamonds"
  10. John P. Strohm - "Graduation Day"
  11. Lolas - "Like The Sun"
  12. Wes McDonald - "What's Comin' Over Me"
  13. Taylor Shaw - "A Traveler Dreams Of Home" (acoustic)
  14. The Ackleys - "Lon Chaney"
  15. Taylor Hollingsworth - "Under This Full Moon" (acoustic)
  16. 13ghosts - "World Shaker"
  17. The Whitey Herzogs - "You're The One"

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