Eubank Brothers

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1890 dissolution notice published in the Birmingham News.

The Eubank Brothers were Alfred and George Eubank (1861-1928), sons of William C. Eubank, who operated a dentistry office in Birmingham in the 1880s.

In 1884 Alfred resided in Elyton and his brother boarded at the Relay House. The Eubanks were known for their eager adoption of the latest technologies. Their clinic was located in O'Brien's Opera House in the mid-1880s and moved to the second floor of the new Watts Building, above the Lawson Carpet Co., in 1888.

The partnership dissolved, by "mutual consent" in 1890. George kept the existing office and Alfred moved his practice into a new floor constructed above the May & Thomas Hardware Co.'s "Mantel House" at 2017½ 3rd Avenue North.